17 November 2009

Lovely Riesling

Yesterday I was busy topping all day. The first time after barreling everything down is very slow. This year I have about 90 barrels of pinot, 40 barrels of marechal foch and 18 barrels of chardonnay. Everything looks beautiful and as I love to think about it: the wines are all potential. It's also just a great time to be in the barrel room because I am warming it to about 62F. Cozy compared to the winery which is about 50F.

What number?
Returning the sample
Riesling Tank

Today I had paperwork, getting labels approved by the TTB and checking on my lovely Riesling. I love riesling while it is fermenting, gorgeous smells and great flavors. It should be done in another 3 weeks. Can you believe the rain that came down last night? I had 0.7" at my house last night. I think the vineyard got about the same. Soggy!

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