04 February 2010

February is here with blending trials and lots of vineyard work.

Sorry I didn't write last week, I think I was just being lazy and didn't have a lot to share.  We have been tasting white blends, trying to decide on what the 7 will be made up of this year.  It's fun but definitely still work, especially when I don't get it right on the first few tries.  We are tasting iterations 6 through 10  today and hopefully one of those will leap out at us a yell "me, me, me!!!"  It's always helpful when the wine picks itself.  And when that doesn't work one of us beats the odd man out into submission.

In the vineyard the guys are almost done pruning and have started to twist and tie.  This means they very carefully wrap this year's cane around the fruiting wire and tie it in place.  Where the cane joins the head of the vine is a very weak spot, you can just see it on the left in the photo of Sebastian and it must be handled gently so that the cane isn't broken which will cause it to not produce this year.  It's slow work and wet and muddy as the rain has been coming down.  We have had some sun breaks but I am sure they aren't long enough for the guys.

For those of you who live locally please stop by and say hi to the new owners of Crush Wine Bar & Tasting Room in Monmouth: Joshua, JoAnna and Chris.  Crush is located on the corner of Main & Warren across from the park.  They pour from 3-11 pm, phone: 503-838-0399.  Please support them!  I dropped off wine last night so you are sure to be able to drink some Airlie if nothing else appeals!

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