13 March 2010

Road Trip to Seattle

Okay my excuse this time for not getting this posted during the week is that I didn't drive to Seattle until early Thursday morning and came back yesterday evening and just wanted to sit and relax with my husband last night. And, of course, watch the kittens enjoy the fire.

The road trip to Seattle was to participate with about 40 other Willamette Valley wineries in a tasting at Herban Feast to promote Oregon wines and to get people more familiar with the styles and wines available.   I was a little concerned going in because there were supposed to be about 700 tasters spread over 6 hours.  Let's just say, not my forte.  First there was the quandary of how much wine to bring.  If you figure we were each bringing about 4 wines that is 160 wines to taste which is more than anyone can get through in 3 hours. I know I said 6 hours but half the group was trade, they had 3 hours and then the other half was consumers and they also had 3 hours.  So, really, how many people are actually going to stop at my table and taste?  50?  100?  Then you have to factor in that Airlie is not particularly famous or well known so that probably lowers my number of tasters.  And what I observed that night is that 30-40 year old tasters are the least adventurous of the lot and unfortunately the majority of attendees, if they don't know your label they aren't interested in tasting.  Younger than that and they were excited to taste and talk and learn and older than that and I think experience had taught them that the lesser know labels might be worth tasting, you could be in for a pleasant surprise.  And lastly, I never talk this much as I spend most of my days alone in the winery.  Promote my own wine?  Really not my forte!  In summary I had a few great conversations, poured less wine than I thought I might and had no voice when the event was over.
The location was great and the building was beautiful inside.  The group I was with was in front of a large set of windows and felt very open and airy.  The staff was fabulous and made the whole evening run very smoothly.  If you are looking for a place to hold a large event in Seattle check out SODO by Herban Feast on 1st Ave, just a few blocks south of Safeco and Qwest fields.  It really was fabulous and had a unique feel about it.  As far as seeing me at another tasting?  Don't hold your breath.  While I know it is good practice for me to go out and be social I do prefer smaller groups and quieter settings.  Maybe a nice winemakers dinner . . .

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