09 July 2010

A little heat wave

The big news of the week was our little heat wave.  And I have to say that for Oregonians, there was remarkably little complaining heard.  I think it is a sign about how ready we are for summer to be here.  Usually when the thermometer crosses 90F there is an out pouring about how hot it is!  Personally I love it when it gets hot, of course I do work in a place that's about 55F all the time so it doesn't impact me the same and then when I do get to be outside I act like the cats and dogs, find a place in the shade and lie real still.

One of the side benefits to all this heat is that it pushed the vineyard into bloom in a rush.  everything is popping and the scent of bloom is strong in the air.  The smell is hard to describe, it is a bit like fruity soap but very subtle.  There is a cedar note as well as hints of vegetation.  If you get a chance, come out this week and see if you agree with my description.  Our chardonnay plant is blooming and the white spots you can see on the leaves are from the spray Sebastian put on this week.

In the winery I have been tasting through all the barrels and I have to say that in the three weeks since I tasted them last they are really starting to come around.  The tannins in the BeckenRidge pinot especially have started incorporating and are becomeing quite fine grained.  I realize that may sound a little funny but tannins definitely have personality and texture on the tongue.  Some are quite coarse and feel rough and drying while others are soft and almost silky, filling the mouth and providing body.  Those are ideal because they enhance the wine rather than distracting you.  And I have to say that while I don't normally worry about it, this year the color is amazing.

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