16 August 2010

Ohio in August

Well, Ohio in August was about what I was expecting.  Hot, 90+F, humid, 90%, and one thunderstorm, one of the few weather trends I miss out here in Oregon.  Of course we were on the interstate when it let loose, 12 feet of visibility and 4 inches of standing water in about 5 minutes.  I wasn't driving so I just got to enjoy the storm.

Otherwise the trip went well.  I don't have any pictures because I didn't take my camera but I do have a partial list of some of the places around Cincinnati and Louisville who took my wine.  Our distributor is Tramonte & Sons so if your store doesn't carry it you can ask your wine shop to order it from them.

As for what I did, Monday was a trade show at Tramonte's new warehouse and there were a lot of us pouring our wines so that customers, i.e. wine shop owners, restaurateurs, could come in and try the wines as well as admire the new facility, which is lovely.  Humidity and temperature controlled so it was almost like Oregon in the spring except I was inside the whole time.  I was also next to a gelato table, lovely!  Especially as a palate cleanser.  Nick, the gelato owner, has a shop in Dayton, Dolce Vita, just across the river from Cincinnati, I highly recommend trying it out.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I spent being driven around and talking about my wines.  I was pouring the Muller, Seven, Riesling and Willamette Valley Pinot.  Except for the pinot they were perfect wines to be pouring in that kind of heat and were well received because of it I think.  People liked the pinot but said it wouldn't sell until the fall.  I can certainly respect that, I'm not drinking much red myself right now.  There was a nice tasting at 4 Flights in Prospect, KY, just outside of Louisville except that was just after the storm hit so fewer tasters than normal but a good turnout nonetheless.  I got home very late on Thursday and spent Friday helping Mary set up for Starry, Starry nights, our annual campover.  Check out our website www.airliewinery.com for more information if you would like to come next year. 

And here is the promised list . . .

Piazza Discepoli, Glendale
Brown Dog Cafe, Blue Ash
Hyde Park Gourmet Food & Wine, Hyde Park
Tellers, Hyde Park
City Beverage (Drive Thru), Hyde Park
20 Brix Restaurant, Milford
Wyoming Wines, Cincinnati
Little Sonoma, West Chester

Kroger, Prospect (after approval by Kroger)
Prospect Party Center, Prospect
4 Flights, Prospect
Westport Whiskey & Wine, Louisville
Corbett's, Louisville

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