08 December 2010

A quiet week in December

I don't have much to write about this week.  The winery is pretty quiet and it would appear that the gray days are here to stay for a while which always lowers my motivation.  I stopped the fermentation on the Riesling at the end of last week with a combination of chilling and sulfur and now the lees are settling to the bottom.  I'll rack it soon and then chill the settled wine for cold stabilization.  The Pinot gris and Gewurztraminer are still poking along but they are just about dry so I think they will be stopping on their own soon.  When I think they are done they will also get sulfur.  The picture is of the wines being checked by Clini-test tablets after being spun out.
I spent yesterday packing up packages for the tasting room but unfortunately the weather in the mid-west means that nothing is shipping out.  Hopefully the US will get a warm week before Christmas so that we can ship.  My understanding is that most UPS ground packages go by rail across the top of the US, come into Chicago and are redistributed from there.  If anyone can confirm or deny or even better actually has the standard routes I would love to have that information.  It is always disappointing to tell someone in Florida that we can't ship their wine because while its warm here and warm there it isn't warm enough en route.

I did realize last week that I have been posting for over a year.  Kind of hard to believe from my side that another year has passed.  Now you are going to start getting some repeat information as I do have a cyclic job but hopefully I can keep it interesting enough to keep you coming back.  My job keeps me coming back as it is never quite the same twice!  For your enjoyment, our shivering chardonnay vine and Christmas lights, Airlie style!  Thanks Mary T!

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