05 May 2011

I saw the sun!

The sun came out this week.  It really did.  There was a fiery yellow ball in the sky that hurt my eyes!  Did you see it too?  Okay maybe I'm being overly enthusiastic but we did have one glorious day and one pretty nice day.  And that was enough to push the buds out, make the madrona tree bloom and bring out the honey bees in force.  Now to make sure we don't get a frost though I don't think we are in much danger of that.  The nights seem to be staying in the 40's.  Today however is cold and gray again.  Ugh.  I want my sunshine back.  I am installing a screen door on the back door of our house and I want to be able to use it by golly!  In fact finishing it up is tomorrow's project.  It is one of the roll up kind and I'm curious to see what the cats do.  More torture devices for them!  Ha ha ha! (evil laugh)
We tasted the white wines again today, more tweaking, and that went well.  I'll taste them again tonight with dinner and make sure I still like the same wines and that my husband agrees with our choices.  He is my secret weapon!  At this point though I am pretty happy with the final wines and hopefully we will bottle next week or the week after.  Finally!  For such a small amount of wine it has taken us longer than normal to get ready.  We also tasted the Marechal Foch today.  We wouldn't normally taste that wine this early but I have been playing around with some blending ideas and wanted to get some feedback from Mary and Barry.  It was a good tasting, very enlightening and we are no closer to making a decision.  That's okay, I have a few more months.
Here's to hoping the sun will come out this weekend so I can get some weeding done and remember to call your mother on Sunday and tell her what a great job she did.  And yes we finished the floors, I did this room in about 5 hours from start to finish.  Now for the trim.

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