10 May 2012

Frost in May!

Hard to believe but Mary got up at 2am this morning the fire up the fans and light the burn piles to protect our vines.  It got down to 32F last night and is predicted to be similar tonight.  The joys of being the owner and living on the property!   After driving around this morning she seems to have protected everything, no crispy leaves.  Now to do it again tonight!  So if you come out tomorrow, be gentle, she is going to be very short on sleep!

As for me I just had to drive to Bend yesterday, a beautiful drive and pour wine for a few hours before driving home again.  The tasting was at the Broken Top Country Club and though you can't tell from the picture we had a gorgeous view of the lake and the mountains beyond.  Snow capped mountains in fact hard to believe it was almost 70F in the valley and I was still supposed to be carrying chains going through the pass.

Otherwise things are quiet in the winery.  Checking SO2's on the pinot today and still trying to encourage the Chardonnay to go through ML.  I decided to reinoculate but so far have not seen an effect.  The parameters of pH and temperature are within limits so I'm not sure what the problem is.  If it doesn't start going soon with the barrel room warming up I'll have to send a sample to lab and see if there is a competitor inhibiting my ML bacteria.

On the home front the bathroom is done!  Yeah!  I just have to nail up a little bit of trim that I was repainting.  I'm very happy with how it came out and it is so nice to have it done.  Now to gear ourselves up for the master bath.  Ugh!

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