29 November 2010

After the Turkey

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  I meant to let you know that I worked in the tasting room on Friday after Thanksgiving, which I don't normally do but as I didn't you'll have to come in during the week sometime to ask me your really gritty questions.  Thanksgiving was great, we had a little cold snap a few days before with a splash of snow which helped make it feel more like a holiday.   We have been eating leftovers ever since of course, last night was turkey and dumplings, with dropped biscuit dumplings loaded with fresh herbs instead of rolled ones and it can out very good if I do say so myself.  My husband said it was so pretty I should take a picture but I was ready to eat so you'll just have to imagine it.  Now we have leftovers of that so I am going to try freezing the liquid part with the thought that I'll make fresh dumplings when we thaw it out.  A great meal some cold winter evening.
As far as in the winery, things are going smoothly which is good as I have no space today as all the wine is still out from the Thanksgiving weekend, though Barry is fast taking care of it.  The Riesling needed a lot of food but it finally is smelling good and seems to be happy and chugging along nicely.  I think the Pinot gris and Gewurztraminer are almost done.  I'm going to spin them out with the centrifuge so that I can evaluate them better as well as get a more accurate sugar reading.  As the wine finishes up I use Clinitest tablets to check the sugar, same as doctors use to check sugar in urine.  I also need to check the progress of the ML on the pinot and the foch in the barrel room.  The cold snap definitely dropped the temperature in there, even in my little fort, so I think I am going to have to beef up the heater.  I have a better one here next to me in my office and I think I'll move that one out to the barrel room.  We'll see after I get the results back from the ML sheets tomorrow.

On a side note, Rocky and Riley went to the groomers last week, don't they look handsome and Riley's litter mate Cooper won the best of show at the National Dog Show in PA on Thursday.  Kind of fun, no?  And just to make you laugh, Ferb in his hammock.  We rolled up the area rug to do some cleaning and put it on the couch, he made himself at home.

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