18 November 2010

Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
      Macbeth Act 4, scene 1, 10–11

Ahh, who knew that winemakers would get to quote Shakespeare while going about their work.  Today I inoculated the Riesling, it has warmed up to 48F which should be fine.  I will turn the chilling system on to keep it from going over 55F during fermentation, especially a concern early on when the yeast is gearing up and both the food source, i.e. sugar, and nutrients are plentiful.   I'll probably have to add nutrients in a few days after the yeast have eaten everything the grapes supplied.  If the yeast don't have enough nutrients to build healthy cells then they scavenge from either themselves or other yeast cells which can lead to reductive aromas in the wine.  Not pleasant and a problem I would then need to treat.  Right now the juice smells almost like a glass of fresh sweet tea.  I'm looking forward to seeing what develops. 

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