25 February 2011

Riesling in filtered!

I just finished cleaning up from filtering the Riesling!  Let me clarify, finished cleaning up the equipment, not myself.  I'm feeling a little gritty and damp but otherwise happy to have the cold stabilizing done.  The last wine left to deal with in the sparkling base but I'm trying to coordinate with another winemaker on that wine so it gets own schedule.  I also tasted through the barrel room this week and am pretty happy with everything.  I even think two of my four lagging ML barrels are almost done.  They are starting to taste a little less tart and better balanced.  I'm interested in watching the pinot develop this year.

The only other exciting thing to happen this week is that we got snow!  And I got a snow day and what you may ask did I do on my snow.  Why paint the laundry room of course.  Isn't that what most people do?  Actually it was one of those jobs hanging over my head and now it is done except behind the washer and dryer and I'll get there when we pull them out to put down the new flooring.  Fun projects in the Clark household.  Today at the winery the sun is shining full force and it is beautiful, almost like a post card.

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