03 March 2011

On the Road Again - almost

Our Reflecting Pool
I think I spent most of the week hunched over my computer trying to finalize travel plans and I know I spent one whole day on computer things which included arguing with someone in India that we aren't getting the download speed we are paying for and learning how to update our new website.  Their argument is that if we don't fail their speed test they can't help us regardless of what an external speed test reports.  Of course we don't fail their speed test.  Our website is getting closer to being ready for public consumption and if you would like to see it shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you a link.  Ryan is supposed to be making a few big changes and after those are done Mary and I would be glad for any feedback.

I also got caught up on my lab work, something I always get motivated to do when I am about to leave my wine for 2+ weeks.  Everything is in good shape though after tasting all the whites yesterday I think I will need to work on some de-acidification trials when I get home.  Cold stabilizing the wines certainly helped, the Riesling is beautiful but the Pinot gris and the sparkling base in particular are still a little sour.  Sometimes a touch of sugar works better than de-acidifying but we'll see when I get home.  I checked my four remaining barrels of pinot to see if ML is complete after I thought maybe it was after tasting last week but no.  I still think the barrels are moving but just not done.  Maybe when I get home.

On the weather front the snow is all gone but the rain sure did move in.  I think we have gotten close to 3" in the last three or four days and the pond is brimming again.  Barry snapped the snowy picture two weeks ago but it is so dramatic I thought you might enjoy it.  One advantage of the warmer weather is that the crew has been able to get back into the vineyard and finish up the 'twist and tie' on each plant.  As you can see our sturdy Chardonnay vine is all cleaned up and ready for spring.  Isn't the moss growing on the Foch a great color?  If I don't get a chance to write I'll talk to you all in two weeks when I get back to Oregon but I will try to write from Cincinnati next week and tell you about the Cincinnati International Wine Festival.  It looks like it should be a crush, we'll see.

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