10 December 2009

A busy and varied week

I wasn't sure what to share with you this week. It was quite varied. I started with stopping the last tank of Pinot gris fermentation by adding SO2 (sulfites) and turning the tank with argon gas to mix the solution in, otherwise it tends to stratify in the tank which leads to other problems. The second picture is looking down on the wine from the top of the tank. We also tasted through all the white wines from 2009. I am quite happy with what we have so far this year and as always I love comparing and contrasting the flavors, colors and aromas.

Then yesterday, Wednesday, we took a field trip and met up with Darcy Pendergrass from Amity Vineyards for lunch at La Rambla in McMinnville. Eating there is so much fun if you are into small plates and sharing with friends. Our waiter generously took a picture so you can see us all. From left to right: Barry Glassman, Darcy Pendergrass, myself and Mary Olson. Barry does our marketing and Mary is the owner of Airlie and who you will probably meet if you ever come to the tasting room.

Finally today I had some lab work to do, checking pH and acidity on the white wines as most of them are finished with fermentation. Just two slowpokes left. Also we have lots of X-mas shipping, (hint hint) for those of you still undecided what to send your friends. We will gladly add a card and if you order next week we should be able to make it most places by Christmas. www.airliewinery.com

For those of you not on the west coast we are having unseasonably cold weather and so I also had to check out the pond and see if we might be skating tomorrow. It looks promising, the first time in 10 years I might have a place to skate. I promise to post an updated picture if we get out there.

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Is Mary more difficult to deal with now that you've told everyone she can walk on water?

    I think the blog is a great idea and will keep checking to see what you're up to at Airlie.