28 December 2009

Post Christmas, pre New Year

Sorry I didn't write last week, I did work but then decided to enjoy a few days off with my husband which did not involve updating my blog. On an exciting note, well for me anyway, all the Foch has finished ML. Isn't that a pretty picture. All those yellow dots up top and at the bottom and none left in the middle. I also ran aspirations to check the free SO2 in the port and the 2008 Dunn Forest Pinot noir in barrel. I always feel like a mad scientist when I have bubbling flasks. I have three barrels of DF, for you fans and that should be ready to drink in 2-3 years at the earliest. The SO2 (sulfites) are added to the wine to protect it against both oxidation and microbial infection. I have heard customers complain about headaches for sulfites, especially reds, in the tasting room but almost never are the sulfites to blame. Whites usually have more sulfites than red wines and the most commen alergic reaction is more of an asmatic repsonse rather than headachaes. Just something to keep in mind when your friend claims she can't drink red wine because of the sulfties.

This morning was back to work though, in the dark and cold! And I have to drudge 17 miles through the snow, up hill, both directions! Just kidding, though it was cold, my car said 25F, and that thin sheet of ice really kept it interesting. Because of the cold and clear sky the sun rise was quite pretty, I had to get a picture while making my coffee. Then I wondered around the winery admiring the frosty edges and there is ice on the pond!! If this weather keeps up maybe I'll get to go out again. I'm not holding my breath though. The cold has helped drive all the sap to the roots of the vines and pruning should start in the next few weeks. When the guys are done the vineyard and vines always look so neat and tidy. As far as work I stirred the Chardonnay barrels and ran a ML check on the Pinot noir and Chard barrels. We'll see if they are moving as well as the Foch. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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