18 December 2009

Quiet Time

I had a very difficult time writing this week after all the excitement of last week. I kept waiting and waiting, hoping something might come along that was fun to talk about. And now here it is Friday evening and I figure reading about my doing data entry for a day has to be as bad as me writing about doing it and even worse than the actual data entry. No more on the subject and no more run on sentences.
Yesterday we got the newsletter out and that took most of the day. I am sorry that you couldn't see the pictures in the letter, I should have checked that first. It has something to do with the mailing program we use. I'll get it right for next time.
On a winemaking note I did do ML's early on in the week, see below if you want more information, and excitingly, for me at least, things are moving! About a 1/3 of my sample barrels are done and that is great for mid-December. Today I spent topping all the barrels (pinot, foch, chard) and stirring the chard. Things are looking and smelling good.
On the weather front, our ice is long gone, how sad, and we have had several days of fog, which has made it feel cold and damp and dark though admittedly it isn't particularly cold. I am however very ready for the short days to be getting longer, winter solstice isn't too far away. Yeah! I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoying getting ready for Christmas.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, this is Mary's niece. Just wanted to say that we are enjoying the learning process with the wine as well as getting to see the pictures of the property. Keep them coming:)

  2. Hi rachel, glad to hear you enjoy reading. This is what I hope readers will get out of it. As always, wishing all your girls good thoughts.